Dave was born in a small town in western Kansas, one of 5 kids of a single mom supported by welfare. These conditions affected his diet, which had long-term health effects he wasn’t made aware until he turned 50.

Dave was always the smallest kid in class and it wasn’t until he joined the Marines, where he was finally fed a quality diet, that he experienced unbelievable growth. During the 4 years he served his country, he was a highly motivated Marine who was meritoriously promoted from E1 (Private) to E5 (Sargent) in just 2 years. He also went from 6’ tall and weighing only 135 pounds at the age of 17 to 6’ 2 and 320 pounds at 50. And at 320, he had a 60” chest, not a 60” waist!

After receiving his honorable discharge, Dave completed college and went to work in the IT industry. After working for an employer for 8 years, he became an Independent Consultant for another 6 years. Due a family relocation, he became a stay-at-home dad and was given the blessing of raising their two kids – Kelly and Neal.

At the age of 50, Dave received a shock – he was diagnosed as being Type II diabetic! It was this diagnosis that started him researching all things diet and starting a series of Farm/Food startups. His first venture was in aquaponics (raising fish indoors and using the waste stream to fertilize plants), which led to discovery and insights about how the food we feed fish and animals profoundly affects our own health. He also started raising his own meat animals (beef/pork/chicken) to feed his family. Research into the Paleo Diet showed him problems with the Confined Animal Feed Operations (CAFO’s), which in turn lead him to start a “Smart Pasture Operation.” His Better Life Farms business provided meat and eggs to a small and growing clientele, but in 2012, the decision was made to shutter the farm and once again relocate.

Today, Dave lives in Chicago and enjoys his days writing, coaching his clients, working out with his son, and speaking from the stage to inform people that there is a different path to take that leads to a healthier, happier, Optimal Life.