OptimalLife365 is a web-based program – each part is a series of online webinars you can take at your own pace.

- NUTRITION. Learn how you can feel better, perform better and maintain robust, long - term health. The human diet has changed over the last 10,000 years to our detriment, fostering many of today’s ‘dis-eases’ of civilization, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. You begin to reverse the damage by avoiding processed foods, and by finding out which foods you are sensitive to, and then avoiding them too. We’ll set you up with a meal plan and a cookbook chock full of great recipes. Upon completion of this program, you’ll understand how to eat for Optimal Health.

- FITNESS. Learn a variety of activities, movements, and routines you can do at home – or in a gym with little to no equipment – that will get you in shape and keep you there. We have evolved to move, but today, most of out time is spent sitting. You don’t have to be a marathon runner, or serious athlete to get yourself in excellent shape. (Spoiler alert – just do a lot of burpees and see what happens to your body). Upon completion of this program, you will understand the vital need to move and have the will and tools you need to do it.

- CHEMICAL-FREE. Learn about the chemicals that are in your home that may be causing serious health issues for you and your family. There’s a chronic condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, which is attributed to low-level exposures to common chemicals. In the medical profession, the symptoms are deemed “Medically Unexplained”, meaning doctors are scratching their heads about how to treat them. Upon completion of this program, you’ll know the chemicals in your home you can remove that could make health issues disappear.

- MINDSET. Learn to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude! Life has a way of dragging us into the mud. The news we hear is never positive. Toxic personal and professional relationships can bring us down. The brain can bog down, living in the past or the future, rather than focusing on the present. The good news is that your attitude is really a simple choice – when you get up in the morning, you can chose to be happy! This program will provide a powerful selection of books and content that keep you on the positive track.

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- BRAIN HEALTH. Learn how our life experiences can impact us at the brainwave level – and what we can do to correct a possibly debilitating imbalance. Recent research has presented a number of simple, high-tech solutions for brainwave balance – some as simple as falling asleep with your earbuds playing music and sounds! Upon completion of this program, you’ll understand the basic science and discover tools that could very well balance your brain for the better.

- WEALTH CREATION. Learn the benefits, strategies, and tactics of achieving significant wealth through network marketing. It’s a business that inspires derision when operated without scruples, but I’ll teach you how to generate a significant passive income stream in an intelligent, upright manner. After you complete this program, you’ll find that a serious, sustained effort could very well create an income stream to replace your current income.

- STRESS. Discover what science knows to be a leading contributor to death and illness death in our society: Stress. Or more accurately, the maladaptive stress response. By participating in the above six programs, you can alter the negative health impacts of underlying stress, which has been affecting many of us from the moment we were born.

In short, OptimalLife365 will give you a new perspective on your life and help you make simple changes that provide major benefits.

So take the next step now and start living your Optimal Life!