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A Healthier & Wealthier You is about helping you improve in seven key areas so you can lead your Optimal Life.

The 7 areas are:

  • 1. Nutrition
  • 2. Fitness
  • 3. Exposure to Chemicals
  • 4. Mindset
  • 5. Brain Health
  • 6. Wealth Creation
  • 7. Stress
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Hi, I’m Dave, The Optimal Performance Coach. I help my clients live a happier, healthier, and wealthier life. In short, their Optimal Life! I’ve produced a Wellness Program that I call OptimalLife365. It’s comprised of the following


    • Nutrition365
    • Fitness365
    • ChemicalFree365
    • Mindset365
    • Brainhealth365
    • Wealth365
    • StressLess365

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As a speaker, Dave imparts a vast amount of knowledge to his audiences in a fun, energizing way. He can tailor his speeches to address the specific needs of your group or event.

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About Me


Dave is the Optimal Performance Coach, providing his clients with a clear path to optimal health, a path that he himself is walking. Author of “We're All Screwed! : How Our Modern Diet Is Killing Us and Our Planet (and what you can do about it)". We’re Screwed! Is a bit of a history lesson, an alarm, a call to action in the battle to reclaim our health.


Don’t really have any social proof to add at this time. Dave provides the education, the tools to help you, your family, your employees reclaim their optimal health and through this obtain their optimal performance. Through his book, speeches, courses,workshops Dave is dedicated to helping you to reach a level of health you may never knew before existed for you.


This is accomplished through a private coaching experience, online courses, and in a group coaching setting.


Dave currently lives in Chicago. He enjoys spending time in the gym, going to comedy shows and every now and then will get up and tell a few jokes himself. Oh, and he’ll never refuse a meal!


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Dave Brethauer

Skype #: (773) 273-8060
Skype ID: dave.brethauer